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How do compression socks work?

They improve blood and lymphatic circulation by applying pressure to the legs.

It works naturally to reduce swelling, energize legs, and prevent dangerous circulatory conditions and blood clots. We use it as an effective way to feel your best every day.
What is compression therapy?
Compression therapy works by squeezing the veins in your legs and feet, making them narrower, which helps blood flow up the legs toward the heart. Better circulation keeps fresh, oxygenated blood flowing to energize muscles, reduce soreness, and prevent clots and circulatory conditions.
What are benefits of graduated compression?
Graduated compression therapy is the most effective form of compression, and works differently than regular compression socks. With graduated compression, pressure gradually decreases from the ankle toward the knee, which helps blood flow effectively return to the heart instead of pooling in the feet
Why socks?
Socks are the most effective and convenient way to get the benefits of compression therapy by changing out one item you already wear every day.
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